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Tanya Anand

 Dr Qanta Ahmed

Corporate Social Responsibility 2011

In the year 2000, the Government of Pakistan announced that it was going to open up broadcast media to the private sector, hence ending the monopoly of PTV in this space.

This began the process of liberalisation of the television sector under the military rule of General Pervez Musharraf.

The Game Changer: A Brief History of Television in Pakistan

Book cover - In the Land of Invisible Women

The fact that liberalisation of private Pakistani television channels had occurred under a military leadership was an anomaly for this country Several media owners and business houses launched new television channels and/or FM radio stations of Pakistani origin. Alongside Pakistani channels, pirated cable channels and foreign channels emerged with country specific beams for Pakistan. By 2006, eighty channels were available to the local audience out of which thirty-six were Pakistani. By the year 2009, the number of private channels beaming into Pakistan had increased to nearly one hundred and fifteen. The Game Changer looks at the factors that led to the growth of the TV industry in Pakistan from one channel, PTV, to the multi-channel environment and the challenges along the way. Piracy, competition from foreign channels, undefined parameters of journalistic ethics, censorship of news media etc. all added excitement to the journey to coming of age.

The book discusses how the new environment changed the relationship between media, politics and society in Pakistan forever. The Game Changer also questions whether the new opportunities presented by this diverse media environment were beneficial for the viewers, advertisers, content makers and the media owners. The book opens with a punchy prologue from Talat Hussein. Big names from the world of advertising, journalism, production and various channels have contributed their points of view on the subject.

The Game Changer: A Brief History of Televiosn in Pakistan
ISBN: 978-1969915-4331.

Available for purchase from Liberty Books.

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